Yoga Courses

We have many yoga classes available from Beginner to Balanced.

Month 1: Fundamentals

Each month is composed of classes, mini classes, movement snacks, and meditations that all work off of each other.

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Month 2: Level 1

Month 2 of our monthly Yoga Course. Now that you know some fundamentals, let's move on!

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Month 3: Level 2

You're doing great! You've made it through 2 full months of yoga practice. Set a goal of kaizen (incremental improvements every day) and keep going!

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Month 4: Resistance

Month 4 focuses on building hip, shoulder, and core stability through resistance exercises and diaphragm strengthening.

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Slow Flow 10 Day Challenge

The Slow Flow Challenge is a 10 day yoga series perfect for beginners, intended to help you get up and moving.

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Yoga for Busy Bodies

This 6 class course can help you bring that zen feeling into your life, no matter how busy you are each day.

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Yoga Snacks

Bite size bits of yoga practice prepared for you to use any time you need to take a moment for yourself, but are too rushed for a full class.

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Yoga Therapy for BJJ

Begin your Jiu Jitsu practice with intention and full body movements to prepare you for a practice that feeds your mind, body, and spirit.

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