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Month 1: Fundamentals

Course Description This is NOT a Yoga membership with thousands of videos of which 4 you only really like. It is not intended for you to sign up for and forget about until you realize a year later that you should probably cancel. NO! This is Yoga with ME, Shelby Williams. I created Balanced Bodies online so …

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Escapes: Positional, Basic

Course Description No one likes being stuck in turtle, bottom mount, or (probably the worst) in bottom side control against someone with excellent crossface. In this set, we’ll look at some fundamental escapes to return to guard or come up into a dominant position. We’ll go through some reversals and escapes including the following: Regaining …

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Corona Chronicles

The Corona Chronicles is a series of short videos we started prior to the complete shutdown of Tulsa during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. We had intended on continuing these videos as way of showing technique and keeping our in-house students engaged, but it became apparent that different means were necessary—hence this site! The classes are all …

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Attacking the Turtle

Course Description In this course, we’ll go over some ways to position yourself when your opponent turtles, as well as how to break open their protective shell and launch an attack. Key concepts covered include: Positional tips (including what not to do) Attacking the back Several entries into submissions Drills for you and a partner

Attacks: The Triangle

Course Description In this course, you will learn the essentials of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s signature attack, the Triangle choke. Basic and advanced entries to the position Adjustments to help finish the choke Additional options when the first attack is failing

Passing: Closed Guard

Course Description In this course, you will learn the basics of passing closed guard, including why it’s important to maintain your posture. Key concepts covered include: Breaking the guard Knee cut Staple pass Long step pass Double under pass

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