Intro to Open Guards

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Course Description

This course provides a brief overview of each of the open guards available to BJJ players ready to branch out from closed guard. Open guards are dynamic, transitional positions, and you must be able to fluidly move from one to another, and from closed guard to each of them. Opening your guard is the first step toward completing a sweep, and these basic techniques will get you started.


  • Basic feet in hips open guard
  • Introduction to De La Riva Guard
  • Introduction to Butterfly Guard
  • Introduction to Single Leg X Guard
  • Introduction to Spider Guard
  • Introduction to X-Guard
  • Introduction to Reverse De La Riva Guard
  • Introduction to Lasso Guard (Coming soon!)
  • Introduction to 2-on-1 Arm Drag (Coming soon!)
  • Introduction to Collar Sleeve (Coming soon!)
  • Introduction to Sit-Up Guard (Coming soon!)

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