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Intro to Leg Attacks

Toe holds, heel hooks, straight ankle locks, and kneebars are some of the most devastating attacks to put in your arsenal. Learn the basics here and never skip leg day.

Judo for BJJ

Judo and Jiu Jitsu are part of the same root – without one, there would be no other. Turn up your takedown game with these techniques, taught by 4th Degree Black Belt Chris Van Landingham and 2nd Degree Black Belt Gary Robertson.

Attacks from Bottom Half

No one likes being smashed in bottom half guard…it’s much better to use that position to begin attacking. Learn how in this course!

Tactical Cross Grip

The tactical cross grip is one of the most common grips available, thanks to the variety of attacking and defensive options it gives. This course shows some atypical versions of those attacks.

Fundamental Mount Attacks

You’ve worked past their guard and are dominating the top. Now what? Here are some basic moves that work from white to black belt.

Escape Counters

Be ready to catch an effective submission when your opponent tries to escape.

Yoga Therapy for BJJ

Course Content Begin your Jiu Jitsu practice with intention and full body movements to prepare you for a practice that feeds your mind, body, and spirit.

Intro to Half Guard

Course Description This series is a great introduction to sweeping and passing from one of jiu jitsu’s most common positions — half guard. Beginning with an intro to the variations of half guard, this course will guide you through setting up a base of operations so you can work to start dominating your opponent by …

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Intro to Open Guards

Course Description This course provides a brief overview of each of the open guards available to BJJ players ready to branch out from closed guard. Open guards are dynamic, transitional positions, and you must be able to fluidly move from one to another, and from closed guard to each of them. Opening your guard is …

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Yoga Snacks

Yoga snacks are bite size bits of yoga practice prepared for you to use any time you need to take a moment for yourself, but are too rushed for a full class.

Closed Guard Essentials

Course Description In this course, we will go over some basic ways of controlling someone in your closed guard.

Defense: Closed Guard Subs

Course Description In this course, you will learn some of the most effective defenses to submission attacks from closed guard. Cross collar choke Triangle choke Kimura Arm lock

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