Balanced Bodies Online Yoga Course

A Month-by-Month Method of Self-Improvement

This is NOT a Yoga membership with thousands of videos of which 4 you only really like. It is not intended for you to sign up for and forget about until you realize a year later that you should probably cancel. NO! This is Yoga with ME, Shelby Williams.

I created Balanced Bodies online so that YOU can practice a therapeutic style of yoga in the comfort of your own home. The core concepts in this program are designed to practice often, meaning you can use the same video everyday for a week or month, or you can rotate videos as you build and conquer your skill.

The main focus points are mobility (YASSS!), stability (OKAY!), and RECOVERY (You’re welcome.). To be honest, I created this membership so that my far away siblings, parents, and even grandparents can feel like they are practicing yoga with me in my studio.

Each month new classes, movement snacks, and meditations are released. Everyone starts at month 1 as classes build off each other each month. Our classes and concepts are designed to fit my four core concepts of Fundamental Yoga: Balance, Foundations, Restorative, and Slow Flow.

Improve your physical balance as well, balance your thoughts, breath, and emotional state. Perfect for beginners, athletes, and advanced yogis alike! The style and pace of each class will help you to achieve balance. A great class to attend regularly in order to regulate and re-establish equilibrium on all levels of your being.

This is a hatha yoga style class that includes meditation, breath work, and postures. Emphasizing the balance of the body, on the feet, hands, head, and all sides of the body. Beginner friendly!

This nontraditional Yoga class is formulated especially for those interested in correcting the alignment of their spine and posture. See how simple movements and stretches can make an impact on your day to day movement. Originally this class was designed to help people get out of low back pain. As the low back starts to heal the rest of the spine is willing to follow suit.

Learn how proper alignment can alleviate symptoms of wear and tear and prevent surgery for many common body ailments.

Is Savasana your favorite pose? In our Relax class we prop you up in restorative poses so that the whole class feels like corpse pose. We work on breathing techniques, slow yet precise movement, and restorative poses to improve your ability to relax.

This class also includes simple yet effective alignment movements for better mobility to combat muscular and structural imbalances. Come and let yourself unwind after work so that you can enjoy the rest of your evening in peace.

Keep the movement going and shut off the brain. Help prevent injury, balance out each side of the body, relieve tension from repetitive motion, learn to breathe, improve your performance, and exceed your goals. This class is geared toward those who have little flexibility and a lot on their mind.

New Classes Every Month

About Your Instructor

Shelby takes a therapeutic approach to self-care, fitness, athletics, and pain management. She studied with Jill Miller, founder of Yoga Tune Up®, and the Roll Model Method®, to combine Yoga and Massage as a way to encourage clients to practice healing themselves with an emphasis on proprioception, mobility, body mechanics, and recovery.

Her personalized touch on yoga and movement allows people to relax and let go of the idea of what Yoga is “supposed to be” and enjoy learning about what their body needs. Shelby’s goal is to empower her students to be their own “yoga teacher”. She teaches people how to feel their body better so they can feel better in their body. Each student is encouraged to Give The Body What It Needs and make self care a lifestyle.